Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection
 Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection


With the increase in terror attacks in recent years, many authorities have taken the decision to remove litter bins from public areas amid fears that bins would be used to plant explosives and endanger public safety.
Blast resistant litter bins are a response to the threat of explosive devices hidden in trash cans located in high traffic public areas such as airports, shopping centres and railway stations.
A standard litter bin will fragment under blast loading spreading the lethal blast effects further. Removing litter bins completely only adds to public frustration and a greater cleaning burden. Replacing them with clear plastic bag bins may in some cases offer early identification of an explosive device, but does nothing to keep the public protected should the device detonate.
We have developed bomb proof litter bin solutions to meet the terrorist threat head-on as well as providing practical litter collection functionality.

New: HALO 80 Plus  / Blast Resistant Litter Bin

Energetics Technology presents an important new development in the field of public and infrastructure protection -the Halo 80 Plus.

The Halo 80 is a proven and popular blast protective litter bin for mid and low level threats. Using a brand new technology (patent applied for) Energetics Technology have developed the Halo 80 Plus.

With extensively improved protective performance against higher explosive overpressures and increased protection from high velocity fragments, the Halo 80 Plus defines a whole new level in blast protection for a small size bin.

Another new innovation and despite its small size, the Halo 80 Plus does not need to be bolted to the ground. This gives a saving on potentially expensive installation costs and enables the bin to be moved should the threat location change.


The Halo 80 Plus has been awarded a seven star rating in UK Home Office tests.

The Halo 80 Plus surpassed all expectations in testing, withstanding charges of more than double the capability of the standard Halo 80.


While the Halo 80 Plus looks exactly like a standard Halo 80 from the outside,it is a very different bin. The innovative design means that the bin does not need to be attached to the ground to fulfil its blast protecting duties. This saves time and money for the facilities team installing the bins and means that personnel and infrastructure protection can be in place quickly with the minimum of disruption. The blast protection has been enhanced to protect against even very large quantities of explosive and fragments.

  • Exceptional blast mitigation – seven star rated
  • Easy to use for efficient everyday emptying
  • No Installation required
  • Does not require permanent fixing to the floor
  • Slick and durable design for busy environments
  • Incorporates SABREMATTM technology


  • Enables superior all-round horizontal protection
  • Reduces blast overpressure
  • Very low maintenance costs


The Halo 80 Plus, Halo 80 and Halo 80 Non-Blast Bin can all be fitted with the accessories from the Halo 80 range* :

  • Powder - coated sleeve to any standard RAL colour
  • Brushed stainless steel sleeve
  • Standard lid-polished metal or pwder coated finish
  • Limited aperture sleeve and lid
  • Rain cover lid
  • Recycleing lids and section dividers
  • Vinyl labels for recycling information, logos or branding etc.
  • Cigarette stubber plates

Additional accessories reduce Home Office rating to three stars.


The Halo 80 Plus does not require bolting down which saves digging up expensive flooring.


The Halo 80 Plus surpassed all expectations in testing, withstanding charges of more than double the capacity of the standard Halo 80.

HALO 80  / Blast Resistant Litter Bin

The HALO 80 Blast Resistant Litter Bin provides a solution to the threat of terrorist attacks in public areas by protecting against the blast and fragments of an explosive device and reducing overpressure.

Tested and certified against the latest UK Home Office standards (2011), the star rated HALO 80 non-fragmenting Blast Bin is specifically designed to protect the public and structures from blast effects.

  • Exceptional blast mitigation
  • Easy to use for efficient everyday emptying
  • Slick & durable design for busy environments
  • Incorporates Energetics unique SABREMATTM system
  • Enables superior all-round horizontal blast & fragment protection
  • Reduces blast overpressure
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Co-ordinating non-blast bin range available

TC 95 Litter Bin

The TC95 blast resistant trash/litter bin combines keeping the environment clean and protecting the public against terrorist blast threats.

The combination of the SABREMAT™ material and the TC95 bomb proof litter bin design protects against primary and secondary fragments and blast pressure. The TC95 has been tested and certified to stringent UK Government standards and is currently in use across the world in airports, railway/underground stations, bus stations and shopping malls to keep the public safe.

  • Exceptional blast mitigation – meets HOSDB 7 star rating standard
  • Easy to use for efficient everyday emptying
  • Slick, modern & durable design for busy environments
  • Variety of finishes to suit surroundings
  • Superior all-round horizontal blast & fragment protection
  • Helps decrease vertical pressure
  • Very low maintenance cost
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