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40 mm ammunition suitable for use with multishot and underslung grenade launchers.

Can deploy payloads including HE, marker, illumination (white light and NIR), and training rounds.

Extended range to a maximum of 850 metres.


ETL will be on the PRIMETAKE Stand N6-390 at DSEI show this year, launching the 40mm Product Range.

As pioneers of the extended range 40mm concept, Rippel Effect qualified the first extended range 40mm MGL, the XRGL40® in 2007. Conceiving the new extended range 40mm MGL as a system, Rippel Effect developed it to comprise the launcher, sighting system and the ammunition. At the time there was no extended range 40mm ammunition available, so Rippel Effect developed its own experimental ammunition, 40 x 51mm ERLP, to prove and qualify the 40mm extended range concept. It weighs 5 kg and is lighter and more compact than any other NATO qualified multi-shot grenade launcher on the market today, with the exception of Rippel Effect’s own MSGL40® .

Rippel Effect owns the IP (intellectual property) to 40 x 46mm ammunition and to the 40 x 51mm ERLP ammunition, even though we do not manufacture the ammunition ourselves.

Since the concept was proven in 2007, the world’s foremost ammunition manufacturers have started their own 40mm extended range ammunition programs. The first to qualify a 40 x 51 MV grenade was Rheinmetall Denel Munitions using the Rippel Effect XRGL40® to complete the qualification process.

During 2012 Energetics Technologies Limited entered into agreements with Rippel Effect to use its XRGL40® in the development of 40 x 51mm medium velocity rounds.

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