Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection
 Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection

Blast Testing

Without validation, the protection performance of any blast solution is unknown and can only be estimated.

Before the use of any blast protection solution it is therefore essential to establish the criteria of its failure mechanisms in relation to both its blast threat and environment of use.

Blast testing is an essential element in providing the assurance of the protection systems efficacy against not only the diagnosed threat but any overmatch scenario.

ETL's experience in blast testing, use of good practice with detailed testing protocols that cover the methodology of testing through to post testing analysis and reporting, alongside the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation ensures the rigour and scientific robustness needed for any system validation.

ETL provide, in close liaison with the client, a full service to design, commission, conduct and report any blast testing regime needed to validate a blast protection system or for the development of new and novel blast protection material cross-sections.


We offer a complete disposal service including packaging and transportation of all explosive hazard types. In addition we can decommission weapons and ammunition including those covered by Section 5.

Explosives  Evaluation

Test and evaluation of weapons and ammunition

We have the capacity to conduct indoor and open range firings where we can conduct assessments of weapon systems and terminal effects.

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