Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection
 Specialists in Energetics & Blast Protection

Protected by SABREMAT Technology  (trade marked)

What is an explosion / blast?
An explosion is a powerful release of energy occurring over an extremely short time with the effects of shock wave, impulse, fireball, sound & fragments, all contributing to potentially lethal injuries & damage on people & assets.
SABREMAT (Shock Attenuating Blast Resistant Material) is Energetics Technology's unique blast mitigation material. Highly versatile SABREMATTM is integrated both into Energetic's varied SABREMAT solutions and into OEM’s products. It is lightweight, easily shaped and fitted, and suitable for new and retrofit applications.

SABREMATTM Blast Performance
SABREMAT deals with blast in a unique way: by absorbing and attenuating each blast element, thus minimising the entire explosive event and substantially improving survivability. 


SABREMATTM Attenuated Blast

  • Lethal pressure substantially reduced
  • Improved survivability
  • Protects building structure stability
  • Applicable to other blast scenarios

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